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Party Packs came to us with an an existing website, but very little organic presence in the search engines

We were given a simple brief to increase Party Packs organic presence on Google.

party packs
The Client

Originally established in 1986, Party Packs was in the business of selling Party Packs for pubs. Moving online in 2000, they began specialising in supplying a range of party supplies and decorations to a wide customer base that included major breweries, schools, universities and media groups, as well as members of the public.


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The brief

When Party Packs came to us they had an existing website, but very little in the way of any online presence in the search engines and their paid search campaign was struggling with the highly competitive market.

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presence on google

We were given a simple brief to increase Party Packs organic presence on Google. In the longer term, this included targeting their main key term 'Party Supplies', but also a host of other related key terms relevant to the business.

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Our Approach

Party Packs is an extremely seasonal business with peaks in visitors and sales occurring around annual events such as Easter, Christmas and Halloween. Other events such as the Royal Wedding and Jubilee Celebrations also had to be taken into account when optimising the site.

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off-page activities

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With the start of the optimisation process, the website was also due to be redesigned, at this time we took the opportunity to ensure the new design was as search engine and user-friendly as possible. Particular focus was given to the seasonal events and 'Party Supplies' in general. With on-page optimisation and off-page activities combined, we endeavoured to improve the search engine ranking positions of the site and the traffic that came as a result.

the results

With the continuing on-page and off-page optimisation techniques carried out by us, Party Packs soon began to show for a variety of highly-competitive keywords relevant to their business. Their main term 'Party Supplies' (with 135,000,000 competing sites) wasn't showing in the first 500 places on Google but within a short time frame was showing within the top 3 spots on the major search engine, holding the coveted top spot on regular occasions. As a result, the term generated 99% more traffic in 2011, compared to 2010.


more traffic
in 2011

Other terms too were climbing the rankings to the top spots and included highly relevant keywords such as 'children's party packs', 'birthday party supplies' and 'party decorations' as well as a host of seasonal event terms.

On a year-on-year basis our optimisation techniques have led to a 52% increase in overall visitors to the website through organic search terms. This in turn led to a 29% increase in transactions and a similar 29% increase in revenue generated as a result. 

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